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Toxic Cup 2016 results
Hello everyone!

First, i want to say, i'm so sorry about big delay from Cup to this topic.
And next:
Toxic cup ended. This means that it is time to sum up. We all know, judge can't everytime do correctly solutions, especially since this is the first experience.
But "We have what we have".

Winner of Race tournament: [SiK]FAlty
Winner of DM tournament: [SiK]FAlty
Winner of DM OLD tournament: Who could it be? Ye, [SiK]FAlty
And Winner of DD tournament: Player, who dont get to another players win at this category - ^2W|Speed

Time to "congratulations":

I'm want say VERY BIG thanks to SendrO, he helped me with all organization questions, and without him that's would be most harder.

Of course, greetings to winners. Thanks to [SiK] clan, they raised amazing player, who almost takes wins at all category. And Speed, who dont give last win to Falty at DD, deservedly.

Why not allocate the remaining players?

I really liked these two persons: Jano and Krystyna - they showed how to play the players from one clan, real teammates.
Lucek, who almost get DM win, but at the middle of map list something went wrong. Actually, my bet was Lucek, or Slowly, whose skill i have seen and know. But...but... but... Falty and Slimak is here!

And thanks to everyone for playing this event! Hope, this was interesting. Cya.

FAlty +7 months of VIP, and +22,000,000$
Speed +2 months of VIP, and +8,000,000$

Edited by rafalh on 10-03-2018 14:00
thanks for a great tournament Smile
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