Server rules

  1. It is forbidden to cheat in the game by using modifications of GTA: SA files, giving an advantage to the person who made them ​​(e.g. modified handling.cfg). Breaking this rule may result in a permanent ban on the server.
  2. Insulting and name-calling other players is prohibited. Punishments include mute or kick from the server. If there is no improvement player is banned up to three months.
  3. Use of vulgar words is strictly prohibited, under the threat of mute for a while, or permanently.
  4. Spam on the server is strictly prohibited. This includes messages in built-in chat, as well as messages and sounds generated by calling the appropriate commands. If broken punishment will be player mute or ban on the server for up to seven days.
  5. Abusing commands which begins a vote (eg / votenext, / votekick) is forbidden. The abuse may be punished by a ban for up to one month.
  6. Minigun usage or flying away from opponent in Hunter vs Hunter fights is disallowed.
  7. On teamwork race maps with Ghost Mode switched off it is not allowed to push or interrupt other players. Help each other without hindering race instead.
  8. On the DM maps player should go in accordance with established route. If the player does not know where to go, he should try to ask other participants of the game (e.g. in chat) or commit suicide (suggested if he is the only person alive).
  9. Constantly escaping from opponents is forbidden on DD maps under the threat of kick or ban on the server for up to seven days.
  10. Camping on maps without respawn is strictly prohibited. If broken punishment will be a kick or ban on the server for up to seven days.
  11. It is prohibited to advertise servers that are not associated to the Toxic Server regardless of whether it is a word spoken or written. It may result in a permanent ban on the server.
  12. It is prohibited to distribute pornographic, fascist, hateful or other material breaching Polish law.
  13. Impersonating an administrator or other players is forbidden, unless the player agrees. It can be punished by kicking from a server or banning for one month.
  14. Moderators and administrators must not ban or kick players of the same or higher rank. This may cause a loss of rank or ban on the server for one month. If the situation requires the intervention moderator should inform person with a higher rank.
  15. It is forbidden to occupy a slot on the server by an inactive player (AFK) for more than half an hour.
  16. Ignorance of the rules does not exempt a player from penalty for its violation.
  17. The Administrator has the right to make changes to the content of these Rules.
  18. These Terms and Conditions apply from the moment of publication on the website.

Published on 10.11.2014.


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